What’s in the name

Within Universal Design (UD) or designing for all, a home is designed human-centered. The quality of life and the actions of people become the focus. 7 design principles applied in the 4-LEAF CLOVER



1. Usable for everyone.

Spaces are sufficiently large and accessible to various residents of the module.

2. Flexible in use

Moveable walls and cabinets create more privacy, space or storage according to the needs of the resident.

3. Simple and intuitive

Switches and electronics can be controlled by sensors and home automation.

4. Understandable information

Fire alarms are both audible palpable and visible.

5. Margin for error

Induction cooktop that shuts off when there is no contact on cooktop for a long time.

6. Beperkte inspanning

Sensors automatically illuminate the walking route at night when someone gets out of bed.

7. Suitable dimensions and areas of use

Operation of faucets, cabinets, doors, etc. is provided for both large or small and/or seated or standing users.


To support the field and make UD easier to apply in practice, 2 design levels were developed. Within the UD-Medior level, guidelines are given to the basic accessibility for everyone and within the UD-Pro level to comfortable living with care. Each design level also has its own EXPERT level where more specific (care) needs can be accommodated.


In the basic residential module, UD-Medior (green), the focus was on making the module accessible to as many users as possible, taking into account the principles of Aging in Place.


Within UD-PRO (yellow), making the module livable for care users is paramount. Through a refinement of the UD-Medior level, the aim is to make living comfortable.


Within the EXPERT level (E), customization is central for example for blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired or people with other specific needs. Eg. A fire alarm gives a visual or vibrating signal in the module so that the hard of hearing or sighted people are also easily informed of this. The use of more contrasting colors to visualize door frames are also a possibility here. The expert level is applicable to UD-MEDIOR and UD-PRO.