“Flexible Living for All”

Multi-year practical research by PXL Research, into how we can live together in an innovative and sustainable way when the population is growing and the living space is shrinking. The research team has taken up the challenge of developing an innovative way of living and building, aimed at the society of tomorrow.
Het resultaat: een innovatief bouw- en buurtconcept als impuls voor het Vlaamse woonlandschap dat via deze adviestool aan het publiek wordt voorgesteld.

To achieve this, collaboration and co-creation is a must.

The PXL Building & Industry expertise center has teamed up with PXL Care Innovation and PXL Social Work to tackle this important issue. Meet the researchers here:

Adriƫn Buteneers
Evelien Verdonck
Mathias Vankriekelsvenne
Veerle Custers

Sara Janquart

Bart Put
Inge Pasteels