Dimensions for modular, flexible and circular design require good agreements. We think here of materials, manner of attachment, construction nodes, dimensions, etc.. By making concrete agreements about this, it becomes easy to produce, reuse or dismantle materials in a standardized way. Because standardization is the first step towards industrialization, this can have a positive influence on the price. After all, industrialization ensures that one can build faster with lower construction costs and fewer personnel.

Within the building concept, it was decided to work with a standard size, based on a grid of 60cm. This grid is broken down to 15cm. So in this way we can work with sizes of 15, 30, 60, 120cm. But also 105cm, the ideal size for a universally accessible doorway, fits perfectly into this grid. So this size grid does not have a restrictive effect but it does give us the opportunity to design in a modular, flexible and circular way.